Inexpensive Indoor garden

Having a garden is a great stress reliever that has countless health benefits.  But when you live in the city with little space or zoning laws or in an apartment, it is difficult to enjoy the benefits of growing your own.  However, you don’t have to let that deter you from finding other ways to have one.  Some people are fortunate to have little spaces such as patios, balconies or little green spaces to make use of, but really all one needs is a window where plants can get some sunlight.

All you need are plastic bottles and a few tools to make your recycled indoor bottle garden.

What you need:

1)Plastic bottles with their caps

2)box cutter

3)seed starting potting mix (if you are starting your garden from seed)

4)Scissors and craft knife

5) string, sized to your preference.

You can use any type and size of bottle depending upon what you envision/want for your garden.

So the first step, is to make an incision by either using your knife, which is much easier or any other sharp object, then continue to cut around the middle of the bottle to make two halves.

Make 4 little incisions or the strings around the cut area.  The length of the string is up to you depending upon how high or low you fancy the bottle to hang.

Once you have attached the strings on to the 4 incision sites, put a hole on the cap, in the middle (for drainage) and attach on to the half bottle (top side).

The bottom half will serve as a water reservoir, make sure that it is not punctured, unless you choose to use another device to hold the run off water.

Add your potting soil and seed into the (top side ) bottle, and make sure that the bottle cap is on tight.

Hang /attach it to a railing or a hook, ensuring that your water catcher is in place, or you can use it the bottom half as an excess water catcher and eliminate the need for hanging string all together.


Always make sure , just like any plant to keep it hydrated and make sure that it gets enough sun (even if it’s indoors).

This is a very simple way to make or start an indoor garden that will give you lots of pleasure, fresh air, and something green and wonderful to look at . There are more advanced types of indoor gardening techniques, and I will be sharing them in the future, with videos attached.

Be as creative as you wish ( colors and designs) and as a plus, it is a great activity to share with the kids.

This is what you will end up with