small spaces, bountiful rewards

Urban living is difficult to do especially with limited space, let alone resources.  However, having a garden is quite a pleasurable past time.  And for those of us with limited space, have to make do with what we have or the best of it.  This video was fantastic in showing how one can make do with little resources and make the most of it.

This video shows that you don’t need acreage to be a producing gardener. And who knew that you could use bale to grow anything? The video gives clear directions on how to start a bale garden, by first making sure that you know the top/bottom side of the bale.  The top of the bale is the flat, uniform side and the bottom is not.



Excerpt of the best part:

“You start by putting in half a cup of the nitrogen and water the bale.  The reason for this is to penetrate/saturate the bale, but make sure that the water does go all the way through the bale to the bottom. The process takes about 10 days, then followed by adding a full cup of fertilizer. “