Maintaining soil moisture

One of the most common mistakes of gardening, is maintaining moisture in the soil.  Most people tend to over water their soil out of fear that the plants are thirsty/need more water.

This video is short, straight to the point and quite informative on how to check and maintain your gardens’ moisture.


Excerpt transcript:

Do not overcrowd your garden, especially when you are growing pumpkins.  Overcrowding produces smaller pumpkins, if that is what you are growing.  Too much watering isn’t good for a garden, which most people do, but all you need is consistency.  The way to know if your garden is moist, is to go about 3 inches deep in the soil to determine if your garden is okay. If you are growing pumpkins or squash and have a frost, you ought to let them sit out which ensures a firmer and longer lasting produce.