convenient economical reusable mop

Load the dishwasher.  Wash and fold laundry.  Vacuum.  cook and the list goes on and on, seemingly never ending.  Then the last thing on your list is mopping the floors .  Conveniently you realize that you are exhausted so it might time to take a break then you’ll tackle the daunting task at hand.  (yeah!!!  keep procrastinating by making excuses). Mopping an arduous process: sweep, get your bucket ready, try to pick which mop you think will do the work, what solution to use and the list continues.  Over the years, mops have evolved, remember the cotton wet mop you saw your grandparents used.

Well I consider myself lucky, because I was given one to try out.  This mop is the cheapest, sanitary, easy, mop.  I have been using mine for over 6 months and I haven’t looked back.  When I used a regular old school mop, I never felt like I was really cleaning: swishing back and forth with the same water.  Then came the well known, highly commercialized, swiffer wet jet mop .  But I have come across something new and easy.

                                      I now present to you,  the one and only……QUICK LOOP

QUICK-LOOP with a standard U.S. mop handle



At first I thought it wasn’t going to work efficiently .  WOW!!! It is incredibly simple…frankly, takes less time than any other kind of mop out there .

1)You can use any fabric you choose

2)Works fantastically well for those hard to reach place (it is great for me, because I am short and the handle works as an extender for me.  I collected a lot more dust from the walls, pictures , vents and fans.  (wear goggles because you will be amazed)

3) Saves you a lot of time and money.  Unlike the other types of “convenient” mops out there, this simple tool does it all and keeps money in your bank.  Just think how much money you spent on the initial cost of buying a conventional mops, and then you must continue buying the solution AND the mop/cotton.  Instead of doing that, why not get something economical?

4) Reusable.  All you have to do is toss it in the washer and it will be ready to be reused.


As some say, it’s so easy a caveman could do it.  Here is how


Loading the a microfiber cloth into the holder loop


it literally takes a second to put together.  That’s a short amount of time in comparison to other conventional mops.  As I stated before that once I acquired one of theses puppies, I never looked back.  Stated before, you can use whatever kind of material you like, but I highly recommend using microfiber because it clings on to everything.

To keep your bucket water clean, you need to take of the fabric, rinse it in the sink or whatever place is convenient for you, dip it back into the cleaning solution, wring it just a bit and put it back on the QL.

Protip: Keep the soapy water clean by rinsing a dirty cloth in the sink first.

how to keep your cleaning solution clean.


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